SYNERGY GROUP makes transformative journeys available to all through our suite of businesses that specialise in the creation, sale, services or rental of intelligent technology.

Making intelligent technology accessible through rental plans that reduce risk and upfront investment.

Bringing accuracy and control to asphalt paving and milling projects around the world for over 20 years.

Increasing productivity and reducing costs with the latest in precision positioning technology and world leading brands.

Equipment focuses on specialty products in the construction sector including brands like Steelwrist Tiltortators.


At the Synergy Group our focus is on using and developing technology to create a better world. Using intelligent technology, we enable transformative journeys and life-changing improvements – in the people we work with, the companies that use our products, and the projects where our services are engaged. We’re constantly searching the globe for the latest advances and innovations to share with organizations that strive for excellence in logistics, infrastructure, agriculture and healthcare.


Why Intelligent Machines Mean More Intelligent Construction

With technological innovation advancing faster than ever, more and more industries are experiencing disruptive change, and the construction industry is no exception.

New strategic collaboration with Steelwrist AB

The Synergy Equipment business unit partners with Steelwrist the fastest growing manufacturer of tiltrotators and quick couplers in the world. A determined focus on robust and modern products, combined with fast service has been appreciated by an increasing number of customers.

Synergy Group Acquires Holland Consulting

Synergy Group acquires Holland Consulting LLC and PaveSmart technology amalgamating North American and Australasian services and support for critical asphalt paving and milling control. The acquisition brings combined industry expertise of more than 20 years gained from 300 airports and 1000 projects worldwide.

New Surface Analysis Technology

Synergy PaveSmart extends its service portfolio with the latest in Survey-Profile technology.  This new inertial profiler and high resolution mobile surveying system can simultaneously measure IRI/NAASRA (longitudinal profile), transverse profile and 2D/3D surface scans.