The Synergy Group makes transformative technology available to all through our suite of businesses that specialise in the creation, sale, services and rental of intelligent technology.

The Synergy Group is  all about nurturing innovation for a better world.  We do this through the transformations made possible with our intelligent technology.  We want to enable transformation journeys capable of life changing improvements in multiple markets.

We are all about enabling trial and adoption through offering access that suits company needs and we invest in research and development to innovate and transform

The Synergy Group supports and invests in businesses that deliver innovation.  We have expertise and depth of knowledge in our markets and we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing positive partnerships with all our stakeholders.


We give our customers the courage to transform.  We deliver that courage with our vision, our expertise, our integrity and our service ethic.

We are for investors and companies who want to be part of exponential growth with a partner they can trust.  Investors looking to get into the intelligent technology market with a reputable player.

Infrastructure companies in The United States, South East Asia, Australasia, and the Pacific,  who are wanting to reduce costs and make a step change in their methods.  Logistics, healthcare companies who are looking to take advantage of the efficiencies of AI and robotics and the Agriculture industry.



To be the leading creator, mentor and investor in companies that enable transformation through intelligent technology.

Synergy’s vision of the future is one where the combination of human intelligence, experience and understanding combine with ground breaking technological excellence to create a better future for all and for our planet.  A future where workflows are harmonized, resource allocation is optimized and new and exciting fields for human learning and cooperation are constantly improving.

Advances in infrastructure, logistics and healthcare have the potential to positively transform the world and propel people-kind to a new level of sociological and resource minded consciousness.   A facilitated improvement in caring and knowledge and growth without the debilitating destruction of the planets resources,  species and eco-systems.