Synergy Robotics

The most recent investment from Synergy Group into the exponentially accelerating world of artificial intelligence and robotics.

We want to take you on a transformative journey into the future where automation works in collaboration with intelligent technology – a world where collaborative technologies work in unison with people.

This is an exciting area of business where real benefits can be seen, where labour may be difficult to find and work may be repetitive and uniform. Specializing in logistics, infrastructure, agriculture and healthcare, we undertake our own research and development to solve problems of efficiency, safety and productivity in the markets we serve.

It’s about “real robots doing real work in the real world”.

The Synergy Robotics team researches worldwide to bring you the latest in intelligent robotics technology, with world leading brands, backed up by 24/7 support to transform your business.

Key team members
Logan James

Senior Technician

Richard Zheng

Senior Technician