Group CEO

“We give our customers the courage to transform their businesses using exponentially accelerating technology.  We deliver that courage with our vision, our expertise, our integrity and our service ethic”.
Synergy Group Founder
and CEO Mike Milne.
The Synergy Group makes transformative technology available to all through our suite of businesses that specialise in the creation, sales, services and rental of intelligent systems

The Synergy Group founder and CEO Mike Milne’s original background is in capital equipment distribution (heavy equipment used in large scale civil engineering projects) in Australia and New Zealand.  In 1994 Mike’s focus moved from sales and distribution of capital equipment to supplying innovative IT solutions which controlled and automated the heavy equipment.  These groundbreaking automation and control solutions allowed substantial improvements in both quality and productivity.

In 2000 Synergy started geo-positioning technology sales into Australia and introduced the innovative asphalt paving Road Scanning System in 2002.  This system was a substantial improvement on current practices and safety in asphalt paving control and Synergy quickly became world’s largest distributor for this European company’s innovative product.

Looking to expand the scope and breadth of products and services, in 2005 Mike completed the acquisition of Geodetic Instruments Limited and amalgamated with the existing Synergy business unit to became the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Topcon Positioning Systems, a large Silicon Valley based multi-national manufacturer of advanced geospatial solutions.

Meanwhile in Australia Mike focused Synergy’s activities on the control and automation of asphalt paving machinery by using the specialised PaveSmart grade control system.  Mike developed Synergy Australia’s team of engineering surveyors together with PaveSmart technicians and began work on critical infrastructure projects throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Pacific.

Adding to the sales business in New Zealand and the existing services business in Australia, a third business unit, Synergy Hirebotics was established in 2012.  Synergy Hirebotics focus is on the rental of intelligent technology used in civil engineering, logistics and healthcare and includes fully and semi-autonomous systems and robotics.

Mike commenced full scale development of Synergy Robotics a fourth business unit early in 2019 with strategic supply partnerships from robotics manufacturers in Silicon Valley and Europe.  These partners specialise in autonomous mobile robots or AMR’s commonly used in logistics and healthcare.

Synergy acquired the technology and services business of PaveSmart LLC in March 2019.  PaveSmart is based in Santa Fe, New Mexico in the United States and develops  intelligent technology used in asphalt paving and milling operations which have been used on over 300 airport runway construction projects in the US and worldwide.

Also in 2019 the formal creation of the Synergy Group consisting of the four business entities, Synergy Positioning, Synergy Hirebotics, Synergy Robotics and Synergy PaveSmart, with a fifth business unit Synergy Equipment scheduled for early in 2020, was completed.

The Synergy Group is now the key portal for future development and investment.