Synergy PaveSmart

PaveSmart is the proprietary technology of Synergy PaveSmart LLC, specialists in intelligent asphalt paving and milling operations, present throughout North America, Australasia and Southeast Asia.

Our experienced survey consultancy teams provide complete control of any asphalt surfacing project, removing risk and smoothing the path to success.

For over 20 years, we have been helping customers around the world bring accuracy and control to asphalt paving and milling projects. Our experience in North America, Australasia and Southeast Asia spans more than 1000 projects to date.

We’re extremely proud and grateful that PaveSmart has been included in over 300 airport projects – the true measure of trust when you’re working with critical asphalt level accuracy.

Synergy PaveSmart has helped clients all around the world reach the highest levels of accuracy and precision on a range of applications from roading and airport runways to bridge decks, shape corrections and sports fields.

Key team members
Simon Chamberlain

Survey Manager

Matt Reeve

Operations Manager

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